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We've mastered the art of the meme and are now bringing your favorite IG graphics to real life via our high quality canvas prints!

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Our fans ROCK 😎🤘🏼

"University of Rock helped me share my music with so many amazing people, but it's more than just a platform to share videos. It's a community, and one that every person who loves music should be a part of!"

Ayla Tesler-Mabe (@aylateslermabe)

"University of Rock is a positive community of like-minded individuals. It’s a great resource for artists and to simply connect with people through music.”

Cole Rolland (@colerolland)

"Very happy with my UROCK experience. My order came quick and the UR team is super nice :)"

Eva Carrera (@eva_drummer)

"University of Rock is great community for musicians all over the world. I got connected to a lot of new fans and friends through UROCK and am very grateful for that!"

Anna Sentina (@annapocalypsee)

"I was very impressed with UROCK's customer service and quick shipping time. Highly recommend UR!"

Jay Whitaker (@trackfingers)

The UROCK Movement

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The UROCK Movement

With over 800k followers and 1 million + hashtags, UROCK is Instagram's premier music community.

Read about how we got to where we are today here.