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10 Ways Metallica Is Just Like You!

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

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As one of the most influential metal bands in the world, Metallica’s fame may seem intimidating to some. But, really, behind all the headbanging and curtains of hair, these guys are just like the rest of us. Don’t think so? Well, here are ten ways Metallica is just like you!

1. When they gotta go, they gotta go.

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Even if it’s in the middle of that really sick Master of Puppets solo. The show must go on, right?

2. They’re obsessed with Disney movies. 

I told you there was a soft, fuzzy heart hidden behind those luscious locks. Who wouldn’t want to stay young forever with Metallica, anyway?!

3. Pizza = Life

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All I want to know is where I can get one of these…?

4. They know that airport security can be a pain in the ass.

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Yeah, it sucks, but it’s there to keep us safe. At least we know this metal detector works!

5. Family is important to them.

A band is a family, and nothing means more to each member than his “brother,” even if not by blood.

6. They can’t resist cuddling a furry friend. 

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Time = money, but time spent cuddling with the resident studio cat is never wasted.

7. When their hair is OP, they’re OP.

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It’s hard to be a bass God when your hair isn’t perfect, so when it is, it’s time to show it off.

8. When the feels are real, they’re real.

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Sometimes you just have to sit back and think about life for a bit. Sometimes that means questioning your most questionable moments. Or maybe you’re just getting really into the season finale of your favorite show on Netflix.

9. They love goofing off with their BFFs.

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A little laugh is all it takes to put anyone in a good mood when the PCD (post concert depression) hits.

10. They love to rock!

And so do we!

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