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3 Bands You Probably Never Heard Of, But Need To!

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were filled with talented bands, some made it big and some didn’t. There are a TON of incredible bands who slipped under the radar and maybe never reached your ears. Today I bring to you guys, 3 bands who I believe are incredible, but are not as popular as the big hitters. I hope you give them a listen, and hopefully even pick up some inspiration and learn some of their material. Enjoy!

3 – Kingdom Come

The band was formed in the late 80’s, and was fronted by German singer, Lenny Wolf. The band received a lot of criticism from the media for being too much like Led Zeppelin, with people thinking at first that they were a reunion band. They did reach some success, with their first album going platinum in the U.S and the ballad “What Love can Be” getting some attention on the radio.  But they never made it as big as other hair bands from the same era.mThe band has since gone through some lineup changes, but they still record new material and tour. Their guitarist Danny Stag is very talented, and you can hear the Hendrix and Page influences in his playing. Listen to the solos! So much soul.

2 – Phantom Blue

The California bred all girl metal band, kicked ass. Formed by guitar players Michelle Meldrum and Nicole Couch, Phantom Blue was the first and only female act to be signed to Shrapnel Records. If you dig their playing, there is a reason: both Michelle and Nicole were students of none other than Paul Gilbert and Bruce Bouillet. The original lineup only recorded one album, and the band changed members a few times. But their albums are very solid, with collaborations from Marty Friedman and West Arkeen.

Drummer Linda McDonald formed The Iron Maidens and unfortunately Michelle Meldrum passed away in 2008.

1. Boomerang

Boomerang was a very short lived band. Formed in 1971 by Mark Stein, the band consisted of two unknown musicians, a 15 year old guitar prodigy who slipped into obscurity after this album, and Stein himself. The album is blues rock, with Zeppelin and Deep Purple influences in their sound. While most people have never heard this album, it is extremely underrated. The vocals are excellent and the guitar licks and solos are incredible, it’s even more incredible after factoring in the guitar player’s age.

I hope you give these bands a chance if you didn’t know about them before. Enjoy!