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5 Reasons You Should Start Listening To Vinyl

Posted by Ryan Polsky on

In the year 2017, listening to vinyl may seem like something that is not cool or hip anymore.  Why go to the trouble of buying something that is outdated, when you can get the same thing digitally for much cheaper?  

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Well, it turns out vinyl is making a comeback.  Here are 5 reasons why we think you should give it a shot...

1. It Sounds Better

When we listen to recordings digitally, the songs are converted from their original format into digital files.  When we listen to vinyl, the recording is impressed by sound engineers onto sets of metal stampers, which turn PVC pellets into LPs.  In the old days, engineers used to receive analog recordings from the bands, which would convert quite nicely to vinyl.  However, nowadays, engineers have to work with the digital recording, and convert it to vinyl.  Why does vinyl sound better?  The song sounds like it was supposed to, without the complication of digital recordings.  When listening to vinyl, you hear different parts of the song not noticeable on the digital recording, whether bass lines, backup vocals, or an unusual instrument in the background.  Here is a great article on how to optimize vinyl sound.

2. Vinyl Records Make Awesome Collector’s Items

Starting a collection can fill basic psychological needs, such as the satisfaction of owning something valuable.  Collectors items are different versions of the same item.  Some popular collectors items include: shoes, stamps, and beanie babies.  Another extremely popular one among music fans?  Vinyl records.  Beyond having a physical appeal to the collection, these LP’s contain the music as it originally sounded.  In fifty years, vinyl will not be made anymore, and our children will be learning about it in History class when discussing the Beatles.  How awesome would it be to show off your vinyl collection when you’re only one of the few people on the planet that still owns them?  I bet that collection would cost at least thousands of dollars…

3. It Makes You Appreciate Music More

Beyond the improved sound quality, it’s the experience of vinyl that makes you appreciate the music to a greater extent.  First, you go into the store, wander the aisles, and finally pick out an LP or two.  After waiting in line to pay for it, you go home, unbox the LP, before finally putting the record into your player underneath the stick.  When the record finally plays flawlessly under the high quality vinyl sound, the feeling can’t be beat.  Because of the time and effort into acquiring the record, you appreciate the final product, giving it your undivided attention.  This is quite the contrast to Spotify, where you have thousands of songs that can stream instantly by the click of a button.  

4. You Enjoy the Entire Album

In the digital age, we like to stream, purchase, and listen to individual songs, as opposed to the whole album.  While convenient, this option has steered people away from listening to the entire album.  When listening to vinyl, you have to listen to the entire album, front to back.  There is no skipping tracks.  By listening to the entire album, you appreciate the artist’s body of work, as opposed to the song(s) you already know.  Plus, you discover songs on the album that you didn’t even know existed!  Plus, it’s always an exciting feeling getting to the song you’ve been waiting for towards the end.

5. You Continue to Support Music Stores

As awesome and convenient digital music is, it has deterred business from music stores for the last ten years.  In fact, some music stores, such as Amoeba Music in Hollywood, are already starting to go out of business and close up shop.  Music stores have long been a place for rock n roll fans, music, and culture.  Many people go to stores to escape everyday life and enjoy being around good people.  Beyond record sales, music stores often sell instruments, clothing, and other apparel.  Unfortunately, many of these stores are on their last legs, given the digital age of music.  These stores are absolutely dependent on support and business from loyal customers.  Even if you don’t buy a record from the store, buy something cheap, and spend an hour just hanging out in the store.  I promise you won’t regret it!  

Image by Giphy Studios Originals via Giphy

Think you’re a diehard rock fan that wants to brand himself or herself as a superfan?  Or maybe just want to bring back an old trend.  The vinyl life is for you.  Once you start listening to vinyl, there is no going back.  You begin to realize that it is more than just a way to listen to music.  Rather, it is an entire culture and lifestyle built upon rock and roll music.  And that’s pretty badass.

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