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5 Songs That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself Right Now!

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

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Whatever the reason, we all have a bad day once in awhile. The good news is that music can make it all better! Here are my top five favorite feel-better tunes.

The Middle

(Jimmy Eat World)

“Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right.”

As tough as a situation might seem, things will work themselves out. You can do this!



“It took a while but you’re finally out of my life
And I swear there’s no better feeling.”

Live for yourself! Who cares wat everyone else thinks, anyway?

Happy Song

(Bring Me the Horizon)

“But if I sing along
A little fucking louder to a happy song
I'll be alright.”

Yeah, it hurts, but music makes it all right again. 


(Against the Current)

You lit the fuse, thought I’d burn too
But you’re playing with a heart that’s fireproof.”

Whoever hurt you doesn't deserve you, period. 

Why Worry

(Set It Off)

Chin up, quit actin' like you're half dead.
Tears can only half fill how you’re feelin'.
Don't worry, be happy baby.”

How can anyone be upset about anything when Cody Carson is saying not to worry?

What songs do you turn to when you're down? Let us know below!

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