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Top 5 Rock Songs To Serenade That Special Someone

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

Sometimes expressing our feelings is hard. Songs are a great way to do it because music says everything you need to say, even if you can’t find the right words. Next up are five great songs to help you win the affection of that special someone, whether it’d be a lady friend or a gentleman caller.

5- Tesla: What You Give

“I feel so lonely and I know I’m not the only one/To ever feel this way/I love so much that/I think I’m going insane/Goin’ crazy/Outta my head/Can’t think about nothing but your good, good love”

There it is! The vulnerability of a  girl’s love followed by a declaration of it. You can’t go wrong with this tune. And girls, if you are singing this to a dude, he will appreciate you going insane. Guys love when girls go insane. Makes them feel all powerful and stuff.

4-Guns N’ Roses: Patience

“I sit here on the stairs/Cause I’d rather be alone/If I can’t have you right now, I’ll wait, dear”

*Heart melts*

How lovely to hear he/she would rather be alone if they can’t be with you? THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR.

3- Mr. Big: To Be With You

“Come on baby/come on over/Let me be the one to show you/I’m the one who wants to be with you/Deep inside I hope you feel it too/Waiting on a line of greens and blue/Just to be the next/To be with you


So many reasons to love this song.  It’s also a very smart transition from the girl bring broken hearted to the guy swooping in, professing his love for her while she is vulnerable. I’m sure 10/10 that works! Any girl would love to have you help her forget the bastard who shattered her fragile little heart if you sing her this song.

2- Oasis – Wonderwall

“There are many things that I/Would like to say to you/But I don’t know how/Because maybe/You’re gonna be to one that saves me/And after all, you’re my Wonderwall”

The song that everyone at some point or another learned to play, Wonderwall is definitely a crowd pleaser, and it will for sure warm the coldest of any hearts. Hearing that you are the one to save someone with your love is pretty damn romantic.


The number one song to serenade the object of your affection is…

1-Kiss: Forever

“It’s forever/This time I know/And there’s no doubt in my mind/It’s forever/Until my life is through/Girl I’ll be loving you forever”

*heart slowly disintegrates*

Who would have thought that a fire-spitting, makeup-wearing, tongue-wagging band would be responsible for such a beautiful tune? This song will for sure bring alive the deadest of hearts.  The devotion expressed in the words and that sweet guitar solo will make you IRRESISTIBLE!

Tell us, have you ever serenaded someone? Which song do you think is the best? Let us know!

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