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5 Tips For First Time Concert-goers

Posted by Ryan Polsky on

Your first rock concert will be an awesome, kick-ass memory for years to come. I certainly remember my first rock concert, which was over ten years ago, and how that one show inspired me to take an interest in music. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of introducing friends to these concerts. Here are five tips I often share with first time concert-goers...

1. Get a Floor Ticket

While having a seat is nice if you want to relax, the real show is up front with the excited fans jumping up and down and singing every lyric to each song. These are the true fans, and their positive energy and vibe will rub off on even the most veteran concert-goers. In addition to singing along with the lyrics yourself, you can also watch the guitarists and drummer in action.This would be a great place to form your first rock concert memory.

2. Pick an Artist You Love

Everyone remembers their first rock concert. That being said, you want to have a completely positive experience. You can almost guarantee this by choosing a band that you are very familiar with, and listen to on a regular basis. When you go to the concert, it will be even better than you imagined when listening to their recordings.

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3. Don't Be Afraid to Go Alone

I always hear people say that they’d love to go to a concert, but just don’t have anyone to go with.  This is such a poor excuse. Just as you can enjoy the show and experience with a friend, it can also be enjoyed solo. When you go to a concert alone, you are able to take in the music, experience, and vibes without having to worry about the other person you are with. You can even strike up a conversation with the person standing next to you if you feel compelled to do so! Plus, half the time you get separated from the person you’re with and have to meet up with them at the end, anyway.  

4. Avoid Buying Food/Beverages There

...Unless you want to spend an extra $50 on your night out. Just like sporting events, food and alcohol is extremely overpriced, as the venue relies on fans to purchase these items. Don’t fall into their trap;  just eat and drink before you go to the concert. If you need a ride to the venue after drinking, take an Uber. Your wallet will thank you.

5. Don't Pregame Too Hard

I get it, we’ve all been there. You’re going to your first rock concert, and you want to have some fun. That being said, make sure to be responsible in your consumption of alcohol and/or other substances. Unfortunately, there have been far too many stories of fans not being able to enjoy the concert due to these influences. Consume responsibly, and make sure you know your limits.  

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