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7 Insta-Musicians You Need To Know

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

We live at a time where anyone with a cell phone and halfway decent internet connection can upload videos of themselves doing whatever floats their boat. Musicians all around the world are building careers by putting themselves out there on social media, so today we will feature a few of the amazing musicians we found. Trust me, it was hard to pick just seven; there’s a lot of talent out there, so keep up the jamzzzz!

7 - @alvinklod

Alvin is a 7 year old kid who already slays the drums. Just imagine how good he will be when he’s 20!

6- @jpbouvet

JP attended Berklee and toured with Generation Axe after Matt Garstka developed wrist problems. JP travels the world doing drum clinics, so be sure to catch one if you have the chance!


 5 - @adunbeex

Adunbee is a guitar player who shreds some A7X and Metallica like no one else! It is such a joy to watch her!

4 - Curtis Moss

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the video of the kids from Aaron O’Keefe Music Foundation doing a cover of Tool – 46 and 2. Those kids are all so talented it’s mind boggling, but one of them caught the attention of a lot of people; Curtis Moss, the drummer. Check out his youtube channel, and Aaron O’Keefe’s also, for more killer musicians.

3 - @gustavodipadua

Gustavo is a guitar player from Brazil who can play basically any genre. Check out his youtube channel for some unbelievable feel!. Here is a song he wrote to showcase AS1, the AMP simulator from NIG. The video is in Portuguese until about 1:30 in, when the awesomeness starts.

1 and 2 -  @dey_Bass and @gergoborlai

Mohini Dey is a bass player from India who’s absolutely mind blowing. Tell me this isn’t impressive. I DARE YOU. I DOUBLE DARE YOU (please read this in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice).

And on the drums, @gergoborlai rocks! Gergo played the last 5 concerts of the Generation Axe tour, replacing JP Bouvet. Check out Gergo’s youtube channel for more drum insanity.

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