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8 Lars Ulrich Face Expressions that Shows How Guitar Players Feel When Learning Barre Chords

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

You can never go wrong with a Lars Ulrich facial expression. Here are 8 Lars Ulrich facial expressions that show how guitar players feel when learning barre chords. Damn barre chords!

1- When you first see a barre chord and you think, “I’ve got this. How hard can it be?”

Image source

2- Turns out every time you hit the chord, all you hear are dead strings.

Image by Neilsen Barnard, Getty Images. Image source.

3- You practice them on a higher fret, but once you move back down, you get closer to the dreaded 1st fret, and the attack of the dead strings is back on full force.

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4- You spend hours readjusting your finger, and after a while your wrist can’t take all the pressure anymore.

Image source

5- Your index finger is on fire, you have marks and dents and you still hear a dead G string when you make a Bb7 chord. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???!?!?!

Image from “Until It Sleeps” Music Video, Warner Bros. Records via YouTube

6- You start to wonder if you can just get away with playing open string and power chords. “I might be onto something here”.

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7- But you keep practicing. And readjusting. Then practice some more. And then one day, the sweet sound of every string ringing clearly, fills your ears.

Image source

8- I AM NOW THE GOD/GODDESS OF BARRE CHORDS. Bring it on Bb7, F Major, Minor, and all first fret barre chords. You have no power here!

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