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A Quick And Easy Way To Grow Your Instagram Following

Posted by Jon Kage on

It seems like everyone from your 7 and a half year old sister to your 85 year old grandpa wants to grow their Instagram following these days. Here is one of the most effective ways I've found to grow your IG following. 


A super easy way to gain more followers and increase engagement on your Instagram profile is to... REPOST ENGAGING content.

Yeah, it's THAT simple.

Let me re-emphasize ENGAGING.

As you know, University of Rock and it's sub accounts are constantly posting the best content we can find. Whether it's funny memes, ridiculous guitar videos, or cat videos lip syncing to death metal... you get the point.

We put a lot of thought into what goes on our accounts and do so for a reason. The internet is one massively crowded place and the more you can stand out and get someones attention... well, gives you as better shot at gaining their attention.

So again, a super easy way to build your Instagram following is to repost content that is ENGAGING.

When you repost memes especially, you're giving your own followers great content that's funny and engaging. If you haven't noticed already, people on the internet LOVE memes.

To repost our stuff, simply download the app "Repost" in the app store.

Remember to give us credit in the caption.

Happy Reposting! 🤘🏼

PS: Make sure you check out our sub accounts: @bassuniversity @drumuniversity @keysuniversity and @vocaluniversity