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Album Review: Steel Panther-Lower The Bar

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

Steel Panther, the comedic and satirical ‘80’s glam band’, have done it again.

Their new album, Lower The Bar released on March 24th, 2017 has got to be their funniest and most outrageous yet. The themes of Steel Panther’s songs are no surprise. Ranging from gangbangs in an old folks home, cocaine, hookers, and… god knows what else.

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One of the first times I listened to this album was in public, and there were multiple times throughout my listening session in which my jaw hit the floor at the insanity of the lyrics, or I busted out laughing at an unexpected, hilarious joke from lead singer Michael Starr.

The album starts out with the first track, “Goin’ In The Backdoor”, and you can only guess what the song entails. It’s a fun little track that describes the band trying to break into a house maybe? Ha. Ha. The songs that follow include a wide array of fun and catchy riffs that keep your ears listening and interested. From tunes like “Anything Goes”,  “I Got What You Want” to my personal favorite “Poontang Boomerang”, the songs will leave you humming for weeks, and wondering why you’re singing such profane lyrics while you’re at work or cleaning the house.

Although Steel Panther’s main focus is humouring metal fans across the globe, it’s been said that the band takes their music and live shows very seriously. In a recent Team Rock interview, lead singer Michael Starr stated, “We love heavy metal. We take our craft really seriously. You can put out great records, but if you can’t back it up live then people won’t be as interested down the road. We don’t get radio airplay, so we have to play well!”

If you love rock and comedy, Steel Panther is for you. Check out one of my recent articles for Steel Panther tour dates!


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