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Avenged Sevenfold: The Stage Album Review

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

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After a difficult year for music, with many beloved musicians passing away, it seemed like all hope was gone. But not all is lost, kids; Avenged Sevenfold came to the rescue with a brand new album that no one even knew was in the works. A lot of fans were disappointed with their last album, Hail to the King, claiming it sounded too much like the band’s influences. “It sounds like Metallica,” or it was just a “Megadeth sound-alike”. It was a great album regardless of popular opinion; this one comes to trump them all.

If you missed their sound from the City of Evil era or Waking the Fallen, then GET PUMPED GUYS! This album brings us those sounds and more! It sounds like no one else, although you can definitely hear some influences here and there. This album sounds like A7X, who admittedly are pretty awesome since they don’t really sound like anyone else out there. The album has 11 tracks and runs roughly 73 min, with the longest song being “Exist” which clocks in at a whopping fifteen minutes and forty-two seconds! There are no tracks that are half-assed: every one of them has something special. Shadows’ voice sounds incredible; it really feels like he is the best singer of his generation. He can sing anything and it sounds powerful, while Synyster’s playing will leave you itching to pick up your guitar and practice. That dude is so unbelievably good and innovative that it just blows your mind seeing what he comes up with. He fills this album with exciting shreds; sweeps, tapping, melodic runs, pentatonic and modes mixed in, all very clean for someone who plays so fast. It’s something to admire and to be jealous of. The new drummer, Brooks Wackerman (formerly of Bad Religion), brings a lot of heavy, powerful drumming to this album, and he fits right in. Johnny Christ gels very well with Wackerman, creating a unique rhythm section. Zacky brings in some punk sound and attitude to every song, giving each a very distinct energy.

This album gives you everything you need: thrash, metalcore, rock, acoustic, blues licks played at a ridiculous speed, a lot of chord changes, and songs that will go from soft and melodic to hard and powerful. Each song will surprise you because you can’t guess where it goes; it is all so dynamic and creative that it will honestly leave you wanting more. There are a lot of elements in each song, including horns, violins, and trumpets, and it all works wonderfully. “Sunny Disposition” has a Mr. Bungle influence to it, while “Creating God” has a melody reminiscent of Faith No More’s “From Out of Nowhere”. “The Stage” was the first single, and it perfectly illustrates what lies ahead: all around awesomeness! If you haven’t listened to his album yet, YOU MUST. It’s full of heavy drums, incredible vocals, face melting solos, and deep lyrics. Good music isn’t dead, and this album proves it, because it absolutely kicks ass! Which one is your favorite track? Let us know, comment below or on our Instagram and tell us what you think of this album!

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