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Commemorating 23 Years Since Kurt Cobain's Untimely Death

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

23 years ago, on April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana, was found dead in his Seattle home.

The cause of death was a shotgun wound to the head. Cobain’s death was reported as a suicide as he was found with a shotgun, and a suicide note.

The death of Kurt Cobain came as a shock to grunge and rock fans throughout the globe, as Cobain’s internal struggle was not one that was shared with the public eye. It had been learned that he had spent time in rehab trying to cope with his heroin addiction, and upon his exit from the hospital was described as being suicidal.

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Kurt Cobain’s cousin, a nurse named Beverly, had said that their had been a history of suicide within Cobain’s family, and the mixture of his diagnosed bipolar mental illness and depression, along with his drug addiction brought him to the brink of suicide. It was also reported that Cobain suffered from severe stomach pain during Nirvana’s 1991 European tour, and that the heroin was one of his main vice’s to get through it.

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A memorial was held at the Seattle Center on April 10th, 1994, two days after Cobain was found. Cobain was then cremated, and his ashes were sprinkled into McLane Creek in Olympia, Washington. It was deemed the city that Cobain had found his inspiration for music.

Kurt Cobain, to some, is looked at as the last true rock star, that he was the last one who’s music spoke to an entire generation.

We miss you, Kurt, and we’re left wondering what you would be today if you were still here.

Gone, but truly never forgotten.


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