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Don't Be That Guy At Concerts!

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

Concerts are probably the best part of being involved in music, but anyone who has ever seen their favorite band live can agree on one thing: there’s always gonna be that one guy/gal who has to ruin it. Some people are just plain rude at shows, but these are some of the worst offenders…

Drunk Dude

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There should be an array of sub-categories just for drunk people; one group doesn’t really do them all justice. It’s usually pretty easy to spot all forms of Drunk Dudes, including those who are passed out on the floor, dancing erratically, or generally just making idiots of themselves.

Bored Girl

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Bored Girl just doesn’t want to be at the concert, plain and simple. Feel free to ask why she’s there, it might even be the most interesting part of her night.

Mr. Smack Talk

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He may have been dragged here, he might just be having a bad day, maybe he’s a musician and knows for a fact that she show sucks… Whatever the case, Mr. Smack Talk thinks he’s the master of music, and what he’s listening to must be utter trash. Don’t even try telling him any different. 

Big Hat/Hair Guy

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This person gives you flashbacks to when you were six and had to sit in a booster seat at the movies. Actually, you wish there was a booster seat available now, because you’d really like to be able to see your favorite singer, not just hear him.

The Dancing Queen

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Concerts are for dancing around and having fun, but sometimes it gets to be a little too extreme… This isn’t a Broadway musical or a strip club, people!

The Screaming Mimi

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Often spotted at boy band or bubblegum pop concerts, The Screaming Mimi believes the sole path to their favorite artist’s heart is through his or her bleeding eardrums. Because he or she can totally hear one specific Screaming Mimi over all the others.

Yeah, these people are annoying, but we can’t let them ruin our concert experiences! Next time you encounter That Guy, kindly tell him to sober up, take off his hat, and shush so you can enjoy the show.

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