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Farewell Black Sabbath - We'll Miss You!

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

With Black Sabbath’s final shows around the corner (Feb. 2nd and 4th at the Genting Arena in Birmingham, UK), rock fans around the globe have been reflecting on the career of the iconic and remarkable band that is often given the credit for starting the genre we’ve all come to know and love: heavy metal.

Image by Chris Walter via Rolling Stone

The four members came together in Birmingham, UK, in the late 1960’s to create the now familiar ‘Drop D’ sound that can be recognized throughout decades of music, all the way from 1970’s classic rock, 1980’s glam rock, 1990’s grunge, and the genre of rock from the 2000’s on. The sounds that appeared on Sabbath’s debut album influenced young musicians everywhere, and caused a revolution on the music scene much different from typical rock at the time such as Elvis or The Beatles.

The band, other than it’s original classic line up including Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward, hosted some of rock’s biggest acts including Ronnie James Dio who recorded three albums with the band, Vinny Appice, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Eric Singer, Tony Martin, Cozy Powell, and even more believe it or not.


Rock fans will soon be mourning the loss of the godfather’s of heavy metal. The impact of their music and influence has been felt for decades, and will continue to be felt as the next generations of rockers come to power. Thank you Black Sabbath for all you’ve given us, and I can’t help but to think that this is what fans will be feeling during your final days…

When I first met you, I didn’t realize

I can’t forget you, for your surprise

You introduced me, to my mind

And left me wanting, you and your kind, oh yeah.

I love you, oh you know it…

Sweet Leaf一Black Sabbath. (1971)

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