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Going Crazy At Looney Tunes

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

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NSYNC is his favorite boyband. He loves pizza and Pistol, his polydactyl cat. And we were having an in-depth conversation about the evolution of Panic! at the Disco.

Finally, it hit me: I was hanging out with Maxx Danziger.

Only moments before, I had been busy getting crushed at hackey sack by Dan Clermont, then discussing wind instruments with Cody Carson. About an hour before that, I was getting my favorite jacket signed by a grinning Zach DeWall.

Somehow, I was among the lucky few to get the chance to hang out with Set It Off, one of my all-time favorite bands, after their performance and album signing at Looney Tunes, an awesome local music haunt. I had expected the night to be fun, but I never pictured myself hanging out with the people who had made my favorite music.

I’ve been to many, many concerts and met countless artists, but this was only my second true meet and greet experience. To say the least, I’d give it five stars. The Looney Tunes staff was extremely accommodating and friendly, obviously as happy to be there as the rest of us, which was refreshing. The other fans were, of course, amazing; a Set It Off show feels like a gathering of family and friends, no matter the size of the venue. And the band? I’ve never met more humble, genuine musicians in my life. All four guys seemed more than happy to chat with my friends and me, and Dan even came running up to say hello when he saw us after the show (which was admittedly short, but sweet). Getting to know the members of the band on a more personal level made my connection to their music even more real, revealing the people behind the art in a way that internet searches or social media accounts can’t.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Looney Tunes event or to meet Set It Off, I highly recommend either option; my crazy experience was probably one of the most positive I’ve had at any show.

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