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How To Gain More Instagram Followers Part 1

Posted by Jon Kage on

In todays society, having a strong social media presence AKA more followers is like social currency. The more you have, the more credible you look. This is a fact whether you like it or not.

For example, if you’re trying to land a endorsement deal with your favorite guitar company and you have let’s say around 300 followers, you’re not going to look very credible in the guitar company’s eyes. Now if you have let’s say around 20k, the guitar company is going to take you a lot more seriously.

Why? Because you have an AUDIENCE. And an audience presents you with more credibility/value.

Ok, I think you get the point here.

So how can you gain more followers on Instagram?

Here are 8 solid tips on how you can get more followers.

1. Have a theme/niche

Having a specific theme/niche on Instagram is absolutely key in getting more followers. This is especially true of Instagram compared to a lot of the other social media platforms. Simply put, if you have a specific theme to your account, you’re going to attract people that like that particular subject. Whereas if you’re all over the place, people are going to be more confused and most likely not follow you.

Now I assume most, if not all of you have a guitar/music theme going on with your account so you don’t have to worry too much about this section. If you’re currently posting a ton of non related guitar/music content, I would suggest you gear your posts to stuff more guitar/music related.

2. Have quality content

Now that you have a specific niche you’re targeting, the next step is to post QUALITY content. This means that your pictures should look as professional as possible and your videos should look and sound amazing.

For tips on how to make your pictures and videos look good, I suggest you YouTube tutorials. Just search “Instagram Tips” to start off.

3. Post consistently

This is probably the most important tip of all. Posting consistently helps tremendously in getting more followers. This is because when people follow you, they are excited and look forward to your posts every day. If you’re posting like once every 2-3 weeks, people are going to start losing interest and may even unfollow you.

If you’re serious about growing your Instagram, I would suggest posting at least once a day. You’ll notice on the University of Rock account, I usually post 3-5 times a day. If you can’t post once a day, then once every 2-3 days should be ok.

4. Hashtag relevant keywords

Hashtags on Instagram is what helps you get discovered. For example, when you hashtag #guitarist on your post, your post will then show up in the discover section of the hashtag #guitarist. This means that people searching that hashtag could see your picture/video and click on your username which could then lead them to follow you.

Currently, the most hashtags you can put on a post is 30. That is a lot of hashtags. Here is what I suggest, research the hashtags related to your post and put them in the COMMENTS section of your post. This means that you write a caption as normal and post your picture/video, then comment on your post with the list of hashtags. If you put all 30 hashtags in your caption, it looks super spammy and weird.

TIP: It is a good practice to put 3-5 hashtags in the caption section of your post. If you're looking at getting featured on our account, putting #universityofrock + @universityofrock in your caption will increase your chances!

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