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How To Gain More Instagram Followers Part 2

Posted by Jon Kage on

To recap part 1 of our series on how to gain more Instagram followers, the first 4 tips were to:

  1. Have a theme/niche
  2. Have quality content
  3. Post consistently
  4. Hashtag relevant keywords

Continuing on, here is the second part of our tips on how to gain more Instagram followers:

5. Engage

One of the most important things you can do to grow and maintain a loyal fanbase is to engage with your followers. This means liking and commenting on other peoples pictures/videos as well as responding to any comments etc. When you do this, you will forge a stronger bond with your audience. Even if it’s a simple “thank you”, that goes a long way in the world of social media. So remember to take that extra time and ENGAGE with your fans!

6. Repost

Reposting content is a GREAT way to grow your following. This could be reposting certain pictures or videos from other accounts. For example, we post a lot of funny memes on @universityofrock, you could simply repost that meme on your page and reap the rewards of gaining likes, comments, and even shares of that particular photo from your page. Just remember to credit who you got the picture or video from when you repost. For example, if you’re reposting one of our memes, simply tag us in the caption along the lines of “Photo credit: @universityofrock”. This is a fast and easy way to gain more followers.

Make sure to download the free app “Repost” in the App Store.

7. Get featured

You guys should all be familiar with this as the main thing we do on @universityofrock is feature other guitar players. Getting featured on our account or other related accounts is one of the FASTEST ways to grow your account. Although there is no guarantee you’ll get featured, you can definitely increase your chances by hashtagging #universityofrock + @universityofrock in all your guitar videos.

8. Be unique

This sounds so cliche, but being unique and different is a key element in marketing yourself as a musician. Whenever I personally approach a business or any form of idea, I think to myself, “How can I be DIFFERENT than everyone else doing this?” This question has made me successful in business and in a lot of other areas of my life. When you’re making videos, constantly think of ways you can stand out from the crowd. Develop your own style and personality and people will start to take notice.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini series. For more Instagram and social media tips, make sure you follow me on Instagram @universityofjk.