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How To Make Killer Videos For Instagram

Posted by Jon Kage on

If you haven’t already noticed, videos on Instagram are a big deal… ESPECIALLY for us musicians. That being said, it’s important that your videos are quality - both in sound and video quality.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned down featuring someone due to their video quality being crap. I see talented musicians absolutely KILL it in their playing, but their video and audio quality completely sucks.

Having high quality videos with good audio is so key in getting featured and developing your brand as an artist online. This separates the pros from the amateurs and I suggest you implement the following tips I’m about to share.


Rule #1 in recording any type of video is to make sure the lighting is on point. I would recommend using natural light as that always looks the best. If you’re in an area where you don’t get that much natural light, you can always get a lamp light of some sorts at your local retail store. Even better are professional studio lights which you can get for fairly cheap these days. These studio lights mimic natural light and is the next best thing to recording in natural lighting.


These days, it’s almost imperative you record your videos in HD. When YouTube first came out, people were recording on simple webcams that weren’t the best quality, however now since most people record in HD, it is almost expected your videos are HD. In fact, if your video quality sucks then it makes you look like you’re stuck in the 90’s or something.

Recording in HD video is easily attainable as most phones now often record in 720p/1080p. In case you’re stuck with a phone that’s 10 years old, you can always buy a cheap camera that records in HD. Record in HD, there’s no excuse.


Probably the most challenging out of the 3 tips is have high quality audio in your videos. However, it isn’t that hard. The best audio quality you can get is if you plug in your guitar direct into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools etc.

If you aren’t familiar with DAW’s, you can do your own research. There are a ton of tutorials online on sites like YouTube etc.

Once you setup your guitar to go direct into a DAW, you would then need to setup your camera and record yourself playing both on the DAW and camera. If you prefer not to do it live, you can always record your audio separately and then match the audio with the video footage.

If you do not have access to a DAW, the next best thing to do would be to record straight into your phone or camera, meaning the phone/camera would pick up the audio. You can get away with this, just make sure the audio sounds loud and clear.


Another tip to spice up your videos is to make your videos interesting and entertaining! No one wants to watch a boring video so don’t be afraid to add a little flare or fanciness to your playing. Instead of being dull and emotionless, find and cultivate your own style of showmanship and give your videos an entertaining edge!

Happy Shredding \m/

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