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KISS Kola, KISS Kasket, KISS Kondoms, Oh My!

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

The American rock band KISS have always been known for their crazy licensing and merchandise.

They’ve sold all kinds of items from regular shirts and CD’s, to condoms and comic books printed in ink mixed with their own blood. It’s been said that KISS has generated more income from their merchandising than any other band in the world.

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One of the craziest pieces of KISS merchandise was the KISS Kasket. A custom made casket adorned with imagery of the band. It was sold for $4500. One of the most notable people to ever be buried in the KISS Kasket was Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who cited KISS as his favorite band. Gene Simmon’s once said about the casket, “This is the ultimate Kiss collectible. I love livin’, but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good.” on the Howard Stern show.

Some of the band’s latest creations have included KISS air guitar strings, a KISS waffle maker, and KISS Destroyer Cola (distributed by the brand Rocket Fizz). The soft drink includes the photo from the Destroyer album cover on the bottle.

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Here’s a statement from Rocket Fizz themselves about KISS’s new merchandising addition:

“KISS have announced that they are expanding their merchandise empire with the addition of a new brand of soft drinks that they will be calling KISS Destroyer Cola.

Here is the official word from the band, "Rocket Fizz and KISS have reached a gigantic licensing and co-branding agreement. Rocket Fizz will be bottling and distributing worldwide Kiss soda pops, beginning with the KISS Destroyer Cola. Rocket Fizz will also be producing KISS and Rocket Fizz co-branded t-shirts and tin signs.

The KISS Destroyer Cola will be available in all Rocket Fizz stores in one-three weeks. When you feel like you want to 'rock and roll all nite and party every day' stop by a Rocket Fizz and pick up a super duper cool KISS soda pop, tin sign, and t-shirt!"

There you have it folks, KISS has a piece of merchandise for everything. Comment below what your all time favorite piece of KISS merchandise is, and if you have any ideas of what the band should try and sell next!

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