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Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me: 30 Years Of The Cure's Classic

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

In May of 1987, the English alternative rock band released their seventh studio record  Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

This album, without a doubt, was the record that launched the band onto the American circuit.

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The record was released as a double LP, as well as on CD and cassette. There were numerous singles that came from this record including, “Why Can’t I Be You?”, “Catch”, “Hot Hot Hot!!!”, and my personal favorite, the upbeat and joyful track that just makes you want to dance, “Just Like Heaven” which reached #40 on the Billboard Charts.

Here is a snippet of a review of the album by Rolling Stone from it’s release year in 1987:

“Even in a year already marked by sprawling, ambitious double albums from Prince and Hüsker Dü, the Cure's new Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me stands out. Like Sign o' the Times and Warehouse: Songs and Stories, this two-record, eighteen-song set is about reaching inward. The Cure is trying to deepen and refine an existing sensibility rather than reach outward to expand it. On previous efforts, guitarist and singer Robert Smith has flirted with everything from conceptually orchestrated studio pop (“The Top”) to sarcastic dance tracks ("Let's Go to Bed"); now that the Cure has evolved into an actual band, he's able to consummate those eclectic desires. Kiss Me is a breakthrough all right. For the first time, the Cure's music is relatively unfettered by pretension and indulgence, and the results are remarkable.”


  1. The Kiss.
  2. Catch.
  3. Torture.
  4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep.


  1. Why Can’t I Be You?
  2. How Beautiful You Are.
  3. The Snakepit.
  4. Hey You!!!


  1. Just Like Heaven.
  2. All I Want.
  3. Hot Hot Hot!!!
  4. One More Time.
  5. Like Cockatoos.


  1. Icing Sugar.
  2. The Perfect Girl.
  3. A Thousand Hours.
  4. Shiver and Shake.
  5. Fight.

The album was re-released in August 2006 in a three disc set. The first one including the original album, the second including demos and unreleased songs, and the third including the record’s alternate tracks.

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