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10 Led Zeppelin Songs To Listen To If You Were Stranded On An Island!

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

Led Zeppelin has been regarded for years as the best band in the world. At any point in time it would be difficult to find such level of talent in just one band, but that’s who they were, ridiculously talented. It was a union that worked so well, it lasted as long as it could before tragedy put an abrupt end to their future together.

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Looking back at their body of work, from Led Zeppelin to Coda, it’s hard to pick what were the best tracks; after all, did they have any songs that were less than? Absolutely not. Led Zeppelin were a band for every musician; it didn’t matter what instrument you played, they were the band for you. You play drums? They had John Bonham, the best rock drummer of all time. You play guitar? Jimmy Page. Need I say more?

Today we bring a list of the best Zeppelin songs. If you could only listen to 10 Zeppelin tracks for the rest of your life, or if you had to bring a compilation to a desert island, which tracks would you pick? IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOOSE RIGHT? But for every person is different, and there is no wrong choice! So here is my list, and I would love to know yours.

10. No Quarter


9. Dancing Days


8. Achilles Last Stand


7. In The Evening


6. Kashmir


5. Thank You


4. Since I’ve Been Loving You


3. The Rain Song


2. When the Levee Breaks


1. Ten Years Gone


What did you think of my Led Zeppelin Desert Island Mix? Would have chosen anything different? Did I miss some of your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments!

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