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Megadeth or Metallica? The Age Old Question

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

If you’re a heavy metal fan, especially a thrash metal fan, you’re familiar with the age old debate over two of the biggest bands of the genre.

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Which is better? Megadeth or Metallica? Your answer could result in a bloodbath.

As many of you rockers know, Dave Mustaine, leading and founding member of the thrash band Megadeth (along with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson), used to be a member of the largely known band Metallica. He formed his own band, Megadeth, in the city of Los Angeles shortly after receiving the boot from Metallica in 1983. In turn, the creation of Megadeth was a blessing in disguise for Mustaine. Megadeth has become one of the of the most well-known bands of the genre, often considered as one of the pioneer bands of thrash metal. They are known for pumping out iconic riffs and songs such as, “Symphony of Destruction” and “Peace Sells.”

Metallica and Megadeth, according to many, have always been neck and neck. However, many fans do say that Metallica “sold out” after the release of their 1996 album, Load, when they chopped off their hair and toured with bands along the likes of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. Many fans on the Metallica side of the spectrum say that Mustaine’s only motive for creating Megadeth was to prove that kicking him out was a mistake, and that his band would be bigger, faster, and better than Metallica. It’s been argued that Megadeth never truly reached Metallica’s level of success.

The amount of debates and fights that I have seen over which band are the rulers of the thrash metal genre is insane, some ending in lost friendships, or straight out hatred from both parties. As we look at the momentous career of both bands, we can see that in the end both bands reached high status, touring the world and even being placed in the category known as, “The Big Four” with other big name thrash metal bands, Anthrax and Slayer. Can’t we just all get along and enjoy the music?!?

Who do you choose? Megadeth or Metallica? Let us know in the comments who your favourite thrashers are and why!

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