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Motley Crue, What Happens After The End?

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

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The day a lot of us dreaded, came to fruition on December 31st, 2015. The day a band most known for its raunchy licks, squealing vocals, makeup and fabulous hair who made a lot of women jealous, decided to call it quits.  Glam metal had seen its end with the rise of Grunge back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but Crue stood strong despite all odds. Many bands were born in that era, but not all saw the success that those four gentlemen (very loose term) did. They weren’t the first to bring Glam Metal to the world, but in the end, they were the ones who made the biggest impact in that genre.

Those who were fortunate enough to see them live, got what they paid for. It was always fun, energetic, and everything you expected. Sure, Vince Neil is no spring chicken; but he is still a great frontman. The whole band rocked as hard as they did back in their glory days. They came out when looks started to matter in music, and now, they couldn’t rely on those anymore. It was all down to talent and passion for the fans, which they still had plenty of in this end tour.

Their influence can’t be denied, and now that they’re gone, what happens to all of us who truly enjoyed their music? Not a lot has been said about individual projects, and Nikki is the only one who has been consistently touring with his band Sixx A.M. But will the Crue-heads follow him along?

See, the magic of a band is the band itself; different personalities, influences, thrown in together. You take one of those elements away, and everything changes. There is a reason Zeppelin did not go on without John Bonham.  Nikki Sixx is great, and he was the driving force behind Crue, but his new band won’t fill the void Crue’s farewell tour left us with.

Could Glam Metal make a comeback? Is our generation open enough to accept a new Motley Crue-esque band? Would we give it a chance? What happens now is up to the new generation of musicians (us). There are kids out there just waiting for someone to tell them it’s cool to think outside the box again. So jam with other people, play different genres, find your sound, join a band, or make your own band! And maybe, just maybe, we might be getting a new wave of tone heavy, riff driven, generation changing awesome bands, like the ones before us.

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