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Music Taste = Music Lovers Hear...

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

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On any given day, one of us will probably get some comments based on the genre of music we listen to. Sometimes they are not very pleasant, but we shrug them off because our good taste is more important than someone else’s irrelevant opinion.  So, if you are part of the group that lives for classic rock, metal, blues, and more, you’ve probably heard the next few comments before.

“Why don’t you listen to something from this decade?”

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No thanks. We like the good decades. Plus, some of our favorite bands are still around and making new albums, so that counts for this decade, anyway.

“No one knows who these people are.”

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Excuse you, little person, but that is incorrect. Tons of people know who they are. Don’t be petty.

“It’s all just noise.”

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Please, just stop.

“This music is horrible, I can’t even dance to the beat!”

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Go dance somewhere else. 

 “All these people you like are drug addicts. Are you one, too?”

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Ugh, stop. Just stop. Go away. Not everyone in the music industry is a drug addict. But I will admit, I do eat candy like it’s crack.

“Led Zeppelin? Never heard of him.”

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No words.


The following is from an actual conversation that I had at a college party last year, when “Smooth” by Rob Thomas and Santana came on.

“Rap and Hip Hop is so much better than this crap - (motions to speakers) - there’s much more variety. Rock music just repeats itself all the time. What is that repeating rhythm?

-A riff? – ( I ask, baffled)

"Yeah, that. Too much repetition, I can’t listen to that."

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What? Are you -?  Wait, SERIOUSLY?

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It’s always a little annoying when we hear comments like these, but the more we hear them, the less it bothers us. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but let’s leave the nasty comments at home guys.
Have you ever heard anything similar? Let us know!

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