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Musicians' Biographies: Do You Dig?

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

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We are all curious to find out what’s behind the scenes. We want secrets, fun facts, stories, gossip, anything we can get our hands on about our favorite musicians. But a lot of times, what we find out disappoints us. Reading an autobiography is sort of like living with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Before you knew every detail about their lives, you liked them a lot better and when you find out things you didn’t want to know, you’re let down.

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I am a sucker for books, especially biographies. If a musician wrote it, I’ll read it. Finding out the little things about their lives is fun, and it gives us insight into the mysterious minds of creative individuals. But oftentimes, after reading, we end up with different feelings towards a certain artist. Nobody’s perfect, but in my experience, reading about these imperfections makes me like them even more. Their flaws and mistakes make musicians more relatable and more human to us, proving that they are more like “normal people”  than we imagine. We put our idols on pedestals and forget that they are just like the rest of us, since they’re living the dream. Their dream… Our dream. They make mistakes, they embarrass themselves, they make wrong choices, they hurt people and they get hurt. Is that any different than any of us? Not at all.

The cool thing about their stories is the road they travel to creative freedom, their path to success. The ups and downs, the stories of how bands came to be, how they wrote their songs, their inspirations... The creative process behind an album is so cool to read about, and it helps us on our journeys if we know how the industry works. Sometimes you read about a band, and you start thinking you like a certain member better, but you end up loving another one more.

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If you haven’t yet, try to read some of these stories. They will always teach you something, and show you who your real favorite people are. Regardless of which book you decide to start with, I guarantee you, it will be a magical journey.

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