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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Posted by Thomas Spillane on

Eddie Van Halen may be not be hero America deserves, but he is the hero we need.

In an amazingly generous move, Van Halen donated 75 of his personal guitars to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation a couple of years ago. The foundation aims to “keep music alive” by donating instruments to schools with underfunded music programs.

The foundation was founded by composer Michael Kamen in 1996. Directly inspired by the foundation’s namesake, a film called Mr. Holland’s Opus, Kamen aims to provide underfunded schools with real, playable instruments so that music teachers can properly teach students. Mr. Holland’s Opus was released in 1995 and starred Richard Dreyfus who portrayed a high school music teacher that inspires a group of otherwise uninspired students. Kamen worked as a composer on the film and his experience directly inspired the creation of the foundation.

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Earlier this week Eddie Van Halen appeared on CNN to talk about his ongoing contribution to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. The legendary guitarist talked about how important music education is with CEO of the foundation, Felice Mancini. Van Halen pointed out how important music has been for his and his brother, Alex Van Halen’s, livelihood.

“My whole life has been music. I could not imagine anything else.” Guitar World quoted Van Halen as saying, “It’s a must. It has to be taught.”

You can view the whole interview below.

Imagine going to music class and playing one of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars? What’s your favourite of Eddie’s guitars? Let us know in the comments!

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