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Phases of PCD Illustrated By Patrick Stump

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

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PCD, or Post Concert Depression, is a serious issue in the music world, but it’s hard not to make fun of yourself once you’ve recovered from your ordeal. We all know what PCD feels like, but nobody can illustrate our emotions during this delicate time better than Patrick Stump, the cause of so much of our misery, himself.

Post-Concert Euphoria

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Nothing can ruin your night! 

You Realize You Have Nothing Left to Look Forward to

Image Source’s too bad that your night is now over.

You Remember Something Good About the Show

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The show was so amazing that you can just relive it in your memories to distract yourself.

You Just Want to Go Back to the Show

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Never mind, that’s not good enough. Where’s a time machine when you need one?

Someone Asks How the Show Was

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So. Good. But too soon, man...

You Get Home and Eat Away Your Feelings

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Food fixes everything.

You Get Tickets to Another Show

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There’s no time to be sad about an old show when you get a shiny new ticket in the mail with your name on it!

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