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Prog Rock Feels - King Crimson Announces Tour

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

Good news for King Crimson’s fans, the band will be touring this year, exclusively in the U.S, starting in June in Seattle, covering the West Coast through July, moving to the East Coast in the Fall.

King Crimson’s founder and guitarist Robert Fripp, will be accompanied by Mel Collins on sax, Tony Levin on bass, Jakko Jakszyk on vocals and guitar, and four drummers, Gavin Harrison, Pat Mastelotto, Bill Rieflin and Jeremy Stacey, with Rieflin and Stacey sharing responsibilities also on keys.

King Crimson is highly influential, with big names citing them as inspiration for their own writing and playing styles. Band and musicians such as Tool, Rush, Yes, Bad Religion, Iron Maiden, and Kurt Cobain, who expressed how important the album Red was to him.

The band came to be during the 1960’s along with acid and psychedelic rock, but what set them apart was that instead of following what all the bands at the time were doing, writing music based in blues progressions, Crimson took a different route, diving into jazz and classical compositions. A lot of people credit the band’s debut album In The Court of the Crimson King as the most influential progressive rock album, for being so distinctive in sound, defining the actual style of prog rock.

If you have never heard of them, I highly recommend their work, and it would be cool if you gave it a try. If you love it, awesome, and if you don’t, that’s cool too. Prog rock is not everyone’s cup of tea, but as a musician, you can learn a TON from these guys, from tone, melody, timing, feel. Give the Red album a try, and their debut album. You might open a whole new world, like I did when I first heard them.