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Punk's Not Dead, It's Sleeping

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

Many people believe that punk music—the patchwork of rock and sweet, sweet teenage rebellion that developed in the 70’s— is dead in today’s culture. While I can see why it’s such a common thought, I have to disagree: Punk isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping!

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Punk came to rescue us in the 70’s, a time of glam rock that, while admittedly catchy, is not for everyone. Some of us felt the need for something… less than the sexed-up, almost false front that this era of rock n’ roll started to present. The result? A counter-culture that grew up to represent the very roots of music itself, with simple lines and raw, gory emotion.

Yeah, punk has definitely changed since the time of The Ramones and Germs, but has it really vanished from our culture completely? I don’t think so, and I know I’m not alone in that thought. Punk is still all around us, just waiting for the right time to rescue us from another era of music that may not be for everyone. It presents itself in different ways, too; alternative rock, grunge, and post-punk would never have been a “thing” without the introduction of pure punk, and each continues to carry its mother genre’s influences in its respective manner.

I’d really like to emphasize that punk has changed. But if it had stayed exactly the same, would it really be punk? What’s punk about going with the flow, with agreeing to follow the masses? Yeah, I miss the old-school punk bands as much as anyone, but music’s job is to evolve with the times, and punk is doing just that in order to fit into our changing society. Besides, how do we know that the “golden age” we look back on won’t return, just in a different way? It’s about time that we nudge punk back into the limelight, wake it up a bit. What do you think?

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