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Retirement Sucks! Farewell Tours That Weren't Much Of A Farewell...

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

As rock fans, we’ve all heard and seen bands pull the typical "farewell tour" gag, as in, “it doesn’t mean we’re gonna end as a band, we’re just going to stop doing world tours!”

This has been seen from some of rock ‘n’ roll's biggest artists, as well as those outside of the rock genre. Notable “farewell tours” been played off by fans as a sort of scheme to help boost ticket sales, and rock fans have every right to raise their eyebrows and show skepticism when they hear their favorite band is planning to never hit the stage again. Here are some farewell tours that simply… weren’t.

Kiss (2000)

Image via Decibel Geek

After KISS’s tour in 1998 promoting their album Psycho Circus came to a close, KISS announced their farewell tour in 2000. It featured the classic KISS line-up (a proven fan favorite), and hit 142 cities from the span of 2000 to 2001. It took a whopping two years for the band to reverse their retirement, but this time, KISS was without Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. They have yet to return to the band since their leave after the “farewell tour.” KISS has not stopped since and is currently touring with Tommy Thayer on guitar, and Eric Singer.

Ozzy Osbourne (1992)

Image via Terapeak

In 1992, Ozzy Osbourne embarked on his “farewell tour” entitled the, No More Tours Tour. The tour was a promotion for Ozzy’s album No More Tears and he claimed he was retiring to spend more time with his family. The tour spanned from June 1992 to November 1992, and played about 64 shows. Three years later, in 1995, Ozzy returned to the music scene with his Retirement Sucks Tour, after claiming that, well, retirement sucks!

The Who (1982)

Image via The Golden Age Of Music Video

The Who announced their tour The Who Tour 1982, intended for the promotion of their album, It’s Hard. They announced as the shows went on that this would be their last tour. Roger Daltrey, the frontman of The Who had stated at a press conference in 1982 that, “We can’t get any bigger than we are, it’s good to go out on top.” By the year 1989, The Who had reunited twice, and announced The Who Tour 1989. The Who has toured for decades longer than initially intended!

The Eagles (2004)

Image via

In 2004, The Eagles set out on a tour entitled, Farewell 1 Tour. The name of the tour was a joke made after the fact that so many bands announced “farewell tours” but never followed through on it. The Farewell 1 Tour was filmed in Melbourne, Australia and was released on DVD. Glenn Frey said in an interview on the DVD, “The longer this goes on, the better these songs sound. There is a ‘sort of’ honesty in calling the tour Farewell 1, with its implication that Farewell 2 will follow soon.” The Eagles continued to tour all the way up until Frey’s death in January of 2016.

Scorpions (2010)

Image via Hard Rock Hideout

In 2010, German rock band Scorpions said that after the promotional tour for their 2010 album, Sting In The Tail, the band would finally call it quits. They decided whilst on the tour that they would continue on after seeing an influx of younger fans coming to their shows. In 2011, they released their record, Comeblack, which included new versions of some of their biggest songs, including “Rhythm of Love”, “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and “No One Like You.” They also recently released a new record with brand new material in 2015.

Black Sabbath (1999)

Image via AllPosters

Black Sabbath’s most recent tour, The End was not the first farewell tour that the band embarked on. In 1999, Black Sabbath hit some of the nation’s biggest cities on their The Last Supper tour. But alas, the band began writing again less than a year later. We’ll see if Black Sabbath’s final farewell this past February is permanent!

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