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R.I.P. To These Rock Legends In December 2017

Posted by Juliana Tessaro on

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Losing one of our heroes is always horrible, but the cherry on top of the shitty cake is when two of your heroes are taken away on the same day. December 8th …  what a crappy date. John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell both passed today, albeit in different years. Lennon died in 1980, and in 2004 while we still mourned his death, Dimebag was taken too soon as well.

Two different genres of music, two geniuses. John Lennon was an incredible musician, who gifted us with songs that will live on forever. He was a man who wrote about peace, and asked us to love one another, to live right and do well by other people. Dimebag was the shred master; a guitar player who was the nicest guy in the world, with licks and runs that blew our minds in each Pantera record, and harmonics that you gave you chills. Both taken in an eerily similar manner – shot by deranged fans.

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Some of us hadn’t even been born when Lennon was shot; we came into the world when he was long gone, but we all knew of him. We grew up well aware of his legacy, and awed by his talent. The Beatles were bigger than any other band in the world, and to this day they’re still one of the most popular. Lennon’s impact in music is undeniable, influencing every generation since Beatlemania. He was a special kind of talent, special and rare.

For Dimebag on the other hand, we were all here when it happened. We were too stunned to believe it, though. He was here one minute, onstage, and then suddenly gone. It’s only been 12 years, but it sucks just as much now as it did then. Watching his interviews and performances was exciting because he was always full of joy. Listening to his playing made you want to do it too; he gave you that extra kick you sometimes don’t get from other musicians. Man, he was good. Seriously good. Chops for days, with style that you couldn’t fake. Why are the good ones always gone too soon?

So, on this dreadful day, we will honor their memories by practicing our asses off and playing their music LOUD, for everyone to enjoy. Get your favorite Beatles record and your favorite Pantera and blast those babies all day long for these two amazing men.

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