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Royal Blood Release Scorching Lead Single Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Posted by Thomas Spillane on

Riff-heavy rockers, Royal Blood, have released a sweltering new single off their upcoming album How Did We Get So Dark?

Named “Lights Out”, the new track sees the UK pair doing what they do best: shredding the place to pieces.

The track begins with a laid back groove and vocalist/bass player, Mike Kerr’s, seductive voice. Catchy, yet dark, the tune explodes into a raucous chorus typical of the boys from Brighton. The breakdown sees Kerr and drummer, Ben Thatcher, lock into a funky groove that eventually leads into the chorus. It is still hard to believe that their sound is made up of only a bass guitar and drums.

The single was also released with a pretty creepy music video. It sees the duo playing in a seemingly-ordinary room with a floor that slowly starts to ripple as if made of water. When the chorus breaks out a number of bodies start to appear from the roof, ground and walls, as if emerging from liquid. As the song grows bigger and bigger, the number of bodies dancing around the room grows, eventually leading to the breakdown that sees a red light shone over the whole room.

“Lights Out” is the first single from Royal Blood’s sophomore album. Scheduled for release on June 16th, How Did We Get So Dark? is the follow up to their massively popular self-titled debut. Royal Blood (2014) saw the band playing massive shows in support of the likes of Foo Fighters and Tame Impala. The record spawned the singles “Out Of The Black”. “Figure You Out” and “Ten Tonne Skeleton”.

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Kerr and Thatcher recently talked to Mistajam on BBC Radio 1 about their upcoming record.The band touch on the pressure they felt trying to follow up their hugely successful debut, as well as stepping up their game when writing the new material.

“On the first one [album] we didn’t really think about what we were doing. Where as this one I think was a record we crafted,” Kerr explains, “…from every angle we wanted to refine what we did. Everything from the drumming, to the melodies and the lyrics.”

How Did We Get So Dark? will be release worldwide on June 16th.

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