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Small Venues v.s. Bigger Venues: What Do You Prefer?

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

With all of these beloved bands going out on tour this year, such as Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, and more, there are so many different experiences to be had.

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Smaller venues and larger venues each have their benefits and downfalls, and can have an overall effect on how good of a time you have at a show.

Mega-bands such as Metallica have announced tours lined up for this summer. They have announced dates at venues like Lincoln Financial Field, MetLife Stadium, and Gillette Stadium (pictured below), just to name a few. Although many don’t like stadiums for the beyond expensive rates that it takes to get close, some fans don’t mind being so far away from the performers. Artists like Metallica, or Guns N’ Roses have stage shows that look much better from afar, and thus gives fans an experience that those up close don’t have.

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But many rock fans, like myself, are more fond of small theater shows, where the audience isn’t more than around eight hundred people, or even less; where they have a better chance at seeing the artist than seeing the planets align. Artists like Queensrÿche and Alice Cooper have migrated to playing smaller theaters, where a ticket in the first five rows won’t leave your bank account empty. Smaller shows have a more intimate, personal feel to them, and if you’re lucky, you may even find the performer lingering around the venue after the show. Definitely something that’s not bound to happen at a show with 60,000 people.

There are even venues in between, such as smaller arenas, sports and event centres and amphitheaters that hold both regular seating and lawn seats.

So, which do you prefer? Stadium, arena, amphitheatre, theatre, or even bar shows? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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