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The Who's Top 5 Albums

Posted by Thomas Spillane on

On Wednesday, 1st March, Roger Daltrey turned 73.

The legendary frontman is best known for his work as lead singer of The Who, but has undertaken many projects throughout his lifetime. Daltrey enjoyed a fairly successful solo career after leaving The Who as well as an acting career on film, television and theatre. To celebrate Daltrey’s birthday, we give you the best five albums he made with The Who.

5. My Generation

The Who’s debut album, My Generation introduced the band to a world that would never be the same again. Propelled by the success of the eponymous lead single, the album’s grungy guitars and rumbling bass were ahead of its time, becoming massively influential. My Generation was the foundation that The Who used to launch into rock ’n’ roll history.

4. The Who Sell Out

The Who’s third record saw them flirt with the idea of the concept album for the first time. The songs themselves are unrelated, but what makes The Who Sell Out a concept album is the fake radio advertisements scattered between the songs. The Who ended up facing a number of lawsuits after this record was released due to these fake advertisements. Despite this it has stood the test of time as one of the band’s classic records.

3. Tommy

After flirting with the idea of a concept album on The Who Sell Out, The Who wrote their first full rock opera: Tommy. An absolutely massive record in terms of sound as well as influence, the story behind Tommy has been adapted to screen as well as stage. The record tells the tale of a deaf, dumb and blind boy who is a genius at pinball. Tommy has become the blueprint for many other rock operas since.

2. Quadrophenia

Quadrophenia was The Who’s second attempt at recording a rock opera. Completely composed by Pete Townshend, the record has been adapted to screen and stage just like Tommy. The album tells the story of a young mod named Jimmy. Set in Brighton in the mid sixties, the story follows Jimmy as he searches for some sort of identity and self-importance.

1. Who's Next

Who’s Next was recorded between Tommy and Quadrophenia. Not a rock opera or concept album, the record just contains some of The Who’s best songs. Who’s Next saw Townshend experimenting with synthesisers more-so than he had ever before. It has become considered one of the best albums of all time and definitely the best album by The Who. It spawned many of the band’s classics including, “Baba O’Riley”, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Behind Blue Eyes”.

What did you think? What is your favourite album by The Who? Let us know in the comments!

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