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5 Rock Albums To Rock Out To This Fall Season

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

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Fall is a time of change. The leaves are turning different colors, animals are getting fluffier, and tank tops and beach days are switched for comfy sweatshirts and football games. Music, too, changes, and some of the best albums have come out on chilly fall days just this year! Here are my top five favorite fall releases so far!

5. First Ditch Effort- NOFX 


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NOFX’s new album is full of short, energetic anthems that you can’t help but sing along to. Each song has its own unique personality and feel, but they all tie back into a classic punk style that never gets old. If you’re looking for a fresh take on your old favorites, First Ditch Effort is definitely going to be one of your new favorite albums.


4. Revolution Radio- Green Day










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I’ve always liked Green Day, but I didn’t get a chance to listen to the new album as soon as it came out. I was surprised to hear that not everyone loved it, so I had to take a listen for myself. I have to disagree with the haters; I thought Revolution Radio was great! I loved how the band altered tempo, volume, and aggression throughout not only the album, but each song. It provided a variety of sounds for a variety of listeners, but somehow all fit into the same album. Some songs or verses were low and punchy, but quickly shifted into a striking, expressive chorus or bridge that proved impossible to ignore. The album’s sound as a whole was very assured, just as would be expected for such a seasoned group, but the majority of the tracks are still easy to sing along to, and the percussion lines sounded like a lot of fun.


3.Oh My My- OneRepublic











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OneRepublic really surprised me with this one! I loved how bassy it is compared to a lot of their old albums, and the focus on more instrumentals and not just vocals was executed well, too. Not only pleasant to listen to, Oh My My’s sound is big and unforgiving; the group definitely defined their sound with this one. Groovy and hopeful, Oh My My is probably one of the best albums we’ve gotten from the band, and it’ll definitely be a part of my playlists for awhile.

2. Everything Feels Better Now- From Indian Lakes











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After seeing From Indian Lakes live, I couldn’t wait to hear their new album, and I wasn’t disappointed! Although they’re not necessarily as mainstream as the other Top 5, they’re quickly climbing the charts and gaining ground. Their new album’s clear, cool sensuality drew me in immediately, and my interest was never lost despite the outward simplicity of the sound. Upon further listening, the album is probably their most complex, with soul-searching melodies and a rich flow. From Indian Lakes is definitely a band to watch out for in the near future; they’re only going to go up from here!


1. Upside Down- Set It Off









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Upside Down is my favorite album this fall because I can connect with every single song. Set It Off is known for their meaningful lyrics, but this album has brought it to a new level by combining them with honest, uplifting music and a fresh feel. The whole album is simply invigorating; there’s no way to stay in a bad mood while enjoying it.  So go ahead and rock out to any of the tracks— there’s something for every music lover!

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