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Top 5 Jimmy Page Guitar Solos

Posted by Ryan Polsky on

Happy 73rd Birthday, Jimmy Page! Thank you for gifting us with some of the most incredible guitar solos of all time. Celebrate Jimmy’s birthday by going through his top 5 solos.

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5) Black Dog (3:24)

 A complex song with the famous “call and response” technique in music which is capped off with yet another Jimmy Page guitar solo.  This solo is different from the others in that it is a faster, more improvisational jam when compared to his other drawn out, perfect solos, such as on “Stairway” and “Rain Song.”  Just goes to show what a genius can come up with in a matter of seconds with his fingertips, and just keep on going, sounding more badass by the second…

4) Achilles Last Stand (3:43)

 Characterized by layering guitar tracks to create a wall of sound, Achilles Last Stand is one of Zeppelin’s most complex songs, filled with different solos and guitar work.  It is said that Page worked with over a dozen guitars in order to create the final cut of this song.  Only state of the art sound engineering and Jimmy’s guitar can create such a masterpiece.


3) The Rain Song (5:00)

 Possibly my favourite Zeppelin song, this song starts off with a calm, cool intro and melody, reminiscent of rain falling on your head.  Just like “Stairway”, as the song progresses, it gets more intense, with more instruments and louder guitar parts.  It all builds up to the climactic solo, with Robert Plant singing in the background, before calming down with slow guitar.  This song underscores what truly made Jimmy different from his peers: the ability to invoke emotion into the guitar.


2) Dazed and Confused (3:30)

 Off of Led Zeppelin I, this early track established Jimmy as not only one of the greatest in the game, but also extremely creative.  No one had ever played the guitar with a violin bow before, much less making it sound like a work of art, making noise no one thought was possible to make!  The bow will live on with Jimmy to his grave, along with his famous double neck Gibson.

1) Stairway to Heaven (5:55)

 Needs no introduction.  Filled with guitar work, soft, loud, slow, and fast, the climax occurs at the magical solo that has been played over and over again by adoring fans. It would be silly not to rank this #1. 


It must be emphasized that Page’s genius body of work stretches well beyond these five songs.  To truly appreciate how wonderful and one of a kind this man is, listen to each Led Zeppelin album front to back.  In addition to the complexity of the guitar solos on each song, there are a wide variety of styles, from hard rock to acoustic to blues.  Jimmy was able to perfect the guitar from all angles, and that’s what made him one of the greatest. 

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