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Top 5 Ramones Songs!

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

Jeffrey Ross Hyman, better known as Joey Ramone, was born on May 19th, 1951.

Joey Ramone was the lead singer and co-founder of punk band, The Ramones. Joey and The Ramones left behind a large catalog of music listened to and heard by rock fans from numerous generations, and have been used as inspiration for countless musicians. To celebrate what would have been Joey’s 66th birthday, here are our top five Ramones tracks!

5. Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio?

Do you remember Hullabaloo/Upbeat, Shinding, and Ed Sullivan too?/Do you remember rock ‘n’ roll radio?”

This song was released in the year 1980 on the band’s fifth studio album, End of the Century. This album marked a huge difference in the Ramones sound, as it was said that they were trying to reach a form of commercial success that they had never seen before. It’s viewed as a complex song due to the numerous instruments used in the track. The music video for this song became famous, as the end of the music video, showing Johnny Ramone smashing a television with his guitar, became a promo for MTV in 1981.

4. Rockaway Beach

Chewing a rhythm on my bubble gum/The sun is out and I want some/It’s not hard, not far to reach/We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach.”

The song was on their album Rocket to Russia (1977), and is based on Rockaway Beach in Queens where Dee Dee Ramone said to have liked to spend his free time. This song was the highest charting song from the band, reaching No. 66 on the Billboard 100 Chart.

3. Sheen Is A Punk Rocker

While the kids are all hopped up and ready to go/they’re ready to go now/they got their surfboards, and they’re going to the discotheque/Au Go Go/But she just couldn’t stay, she had to break away/well New York City really has it all/oh yeah, oh yeah.”

This track was written by Joey Ramone himself, and appeared on the band’s 1977 record Leave Home. The song was then re-recorded for their third album, Rocket to Russia (1977). This song is one of the Ramone’s most covered songs, played by Rancid, Paul Jones, Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Model Army, and more. Joey Ramone said,

“To me ‘Sheena’ was the first surf/punk rock/teenage rebellion song. I combined Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, with the primalness of punk rock. Then Sheena is brought into modern day.”

2. Blitzkrieg Bop

They’re forming a straight line/They’re going through a tight wind/The kids are losing their minds/The blitzkrieg bop.”

Blitzkrieg Bop was the Ramone’s debut single and was released on the band’s debut album entitled, Ramones (1976). The song is on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and is also on the magazine’s list of The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.


1. I Wanna Be Sedated

“Twenty twenty twenty four hours ago/I wanna be sedated.”

The song was released on the album Road to Ruin in September of 1978. The classic tune is known by rock fans far and wide, and can get anyone singing. In an interview that went down about the song, Joey Ramone had explained what the chorus meant:

It's a road song. I wrote it in 1977, through the 78. Well, Danny Fields was our first manager and he would work us to death. We would be on the road 360 days a year, and we went over to England, and we were there at Christmas time, and in Christmas time, London shuts down. There's nothing to do, nowhere to go. Here we were in London for the first time in our lives, and me and Dee Dee Ramone were sharing a room in the hotel, and we were watching The Guns of Navarone. So there was nothing to do, I mean, here we are in London finally, and this is what we are doing, watching American movies in the hotel room.”

Happy Birthday Joey Ramone!

What are your favorite Ramones songs? Leave a comment and let us know.

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