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Tumbling Dice: 45 Years Of The Rolling Stones' Exile On Main St.

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

45 years ago today month, the legendary Rolling Stones released their tenth studio album Exile on Main St.

The album was released in May of 1972, and is often looked at as one of the best Rolling Stones album of all time by critics alike.

The majority of this album was recorded in a mansion named Nellcôte in France. It was said that a lot of the recording sessions were either missed or interrupted due to Keith Richard’s substance abuse problems. The line-up that was used during the sessions in Nellcôte was made up of Keith Richard’s, Bobby Keys, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts, and Mick Jagger when he was available to make the recording sessions.

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Other recordings of this album took place in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound Recorders.

Mick Jagger stated ( via Time Is On Your Side) about creating the album that, was frustrating, and it took quite a long period of time. A lot of the tracks were not made in the south of France. They were tracks we’d made or hadn’t finished, or hadn’t released on the previous album, Sticky Fingers, before we moved to France. Exile was recorded under a lot of difficult circumstances, and in what was not a very good recording place. It was a bit uphill.

Jagger also said that,

...there were so many drug problems, and we had problems getting into the United States, so it was all sort of uphill and difficult. There were all sorts of other outside forces that were trying to take up time and energy. So that definitely made it more frustrating than just doing a record. And then we were preparing for a tour - and when we did the tour and the songs, everything was fine.

The track listing for this album is as follows:


  1. Rocks Off.
  2. Rip This Joint.
  3. Shake Your Hips.
  4. Casino Boogie.
  5. Tumbling Dice.


  1. Sweet Virginia.
  2. Torn and Frayed.
  3. Sweet Black Angel.
  4. Loving Cup.


  1. Happy.
  2. Turd on the Run.
  3. Ventilator Blues.
  4. I Just Want To See His Face.
  5. Let It Loose.


  1. All Down The Line.
  2. Stop Breaking Down.
  3. Shine a Light.
  4. Soul Survivor.

Other bands have paid tribute to the record including the group Phish who performed the entire record in its entirety on Halloween in 2009.

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