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Vinyl: Is It A Fad Or The Future?

Posted by Sydney Taylor on

Prior to the 1980’s, one of the only ways music could be recorded and sold was through the production of vinyl records. In the 1970’s, LP’s, or long-playing records, reached their point of popularity. Each record was unique, featuring beautiful, and sometimes shocking cover art, and interactive record sleeves. Albums like, School’s Out by Alice Cooper, released in 1972, featured a pair of paper panties around the record, the record sleeve opening up like a school desk. Sometimes, the inside cover of a gatefold album, would feature large photos of the band, similar to Mötley Crüe’s, Shout At The Devil LP released in 1983, or they would even encapsulate what it felt like to be at a live rock show, such as the inside cover of KISS’ Alive II.

Eventually vinyl faded out as new forms of technology and listening to music were introduced: in the form of cassettes, eventually CD’s, and now streaming and downloads to electronic devices. Although the new way of listening to music has become the most popular, in recent years, record stores have been making a comeback.

Walking the streets of any major city, it’s almost impossible to not stumble across a record store selling vintage original vinyl’s from vinyl's heyday. Vinyl has become a blast from the past, and not only can you find vinyls from the 1970’s, you can also find vinyls from 2016, as many new artists have caught onto the progression of records, and have put their new releases out on 180 gram vinyl.

The real question that many are asking, especially fans who’ve been buying long playing records since the 1970’s: is vinyl a fad? Or could it possibly be the future? Although vinyl went out of style for their difficulty to store, their lack of portability, and their crackly sound quality, many music buyers of every age have found that buying and listening to records bring them a sense of nostalgia, and closeness to music from all different eras. Vinyl may be big now, but those in the music industry wonder if the reboot of vinyl will last, or if it will fade out again in a few short years.