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What Local Bands Wish You Knew

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

Every band has to start somewhere. From Panic! at the Disco to The Beatles, the majority of musicians first start their career at a local level before they ever have the chance to make it big. Many music lovers avoid the local scene, but maybe it’s time to give a voice to the little guys and girls who may one day be the ones you’re paying hundreds to see. If the members of your local scene could tell the public one thing, what would they say?

Trick the Riddle


Madden, Hunter, Luke, & Mike

As an up-and-coming alternative rock band from Long Island, New York, Trick the Riddle wants you to know that every fan counts!

“I want people to know that the local scene has little to no support from venues or even fans. Most people aren’t interested in supporting local artists, so it’s very hard to come up as a young band without having a lot of money. If people would be more willing to spend twelve dollars on a ticket instead of a movie or night out, perhaps local music would be a better platform for bands to become successful. It’s important because your favorite band was, at one time, a local band, and they only got to where they are because of the support from fans and people willing to spend a Saturday night at a venue watching an artist pour their heart out.” -Luke

“Your new favorite band is playing for ten bucks. But you won’t hear that. Instead, you buy a $120 MSG ticket when you could have been there for their set [for much less].” -Mike

Vigil Antics



Nick, Xavier, Mike, & Conor

The guys of Vigil Antics, a local emo/post hardcore group, are extremely thankful for the family they’ve formed through the struggles of being a local act.

“There's a lot that goes into being in a local band, much less [a local band] on Long Island. Being a musician here is this thing where you spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, money on gas to get to a venue, thousands to record, drive hours out of your way, and just play to a few people for maybe 25 bucks if you're lucky. What makes it truly insane is how none of us would trade it for anything in the world! The scene is this huge adopted family where you meet new brothers and sisters in your new favorite bands,  [forming] these lifelong friendships. This is one of those things that is super important, because with enough established connections, you'll always have a crowd to play to. This family will buy shirts, cd's, and whatever else you have to offer because this family wants nothing more than to see and help each other succeed. “ -Conor

Divide by Zero


Alexa, Amber, Sam, & Josh

My band, a pop-punk/alternative rock group, has something to add, too. We know how hard it is to find the perfect lineup, but we love each other despite our differences, something that we hope others will appreciate, too.

“It’s really difficult to find a group of people who think like you, play like you, and have the same schedule as you. We all have to make sacrifices to be here, and sometimes that leads to conflicts, but no matter what, we’re a family. We go through all the trials of being a local band together, and it helps us to make music that we hope everyone will enjoy. So please, listen to what we have to say! We might not be the biggest rockstars in the music world, but we’ve got a message to spread, too. And don’t be afraid to talk to us (local bands) after gigs; we want to know you so you can become a part of our little family, too!”

What are your favorite local bands? If they had the chance, what do you think they would have told you?

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