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Why Everyone Loves To Wear Band Shirts And Why You Should Too

Posted by Lexa O'Kane on

Did you know that reppin’ your favorite band’s merch could change your life? No? Well, it’s true! Yeah, some band shirts aren’t particularly trendy (except ours here at U of R— I’d wear it anywhere!), but if you feel good, you’ll look even better. Maybe even good enough to impress the future love of your life! A lot can happen with one simple Rolling Stones tee...

Find Your Future Concert Buddy

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You often can’t tell what kind of bands a person enjoys just by looking at them, but a band shirt is like free advertising for your music taste. Maybe you’ll bond with someone over a musician and become besties, or at least concert buddies!

Challenge a Stereotype

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When outsiders think of the music industry, a common picture that’s painted in their minds is that of a guy with too long hair in the middle of his midlife crisis. Or sometimes it’s a thirteen-year-old girl screaming over a boy band. Either way, you’re probably not either one of those things (and if you are, awesome, you keep doing you), so people might be a bit confused when they see the shy girl in their Calc class with a heavy metal band’s logo slashed across her shirt. The more we challenge the expectations set forth, the closer we get to making people realize that they can’t judge a book by its cover!

Talk to Your Crush

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The wonderful thing about band T-shirts is that they can easily be converted into conversation. It’s not weird at all to ask someone about their band shirt; it’s like asking their favorite color, or what they think of the weather, but better. Music is a window into the soul, and it’s a well-known fact that people who enjoy the same music genres tend to get along. So next time your crush wears a Beartooth tee, go up and ask about it! You can thank me with a wedding invitation.

Confidence Boost

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There’s nothing like your favorite music to comfort you, but wearing the design of the band that created it is close enough! School presentation? Important date? Gig? A band T-shirt is the perfect confidence boost to help you succeed!

You can never have too many band shirts, so make sure to stop by our store and treat yourself to a new confidence-boosting, crush-attracting, stereotype-demolishing, friend-finding tee today! Just don’t wear the shirt of the band you’re going to see...

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Of course we're not gonna leave you hanging... Check out our band merch section here. Enjoy and keep rocking those band tees!