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About Us

Inspired by music legends old and new, University of Rock (uRock) is a Rock N' Roll fueled lifestyle brand that embodies passion, relentlessness, and an obsession for music.

Our brand motto is to LIVE FAST & PLAY LOUD. Our fans and customers are a unique breed that doesn't confine to the pressures of society, instead they challenge the status quo and live life on their own terms. Our supporters are dedicated to a lifetime of overcoming adversity, perfecting their craft, and making a bold statement for who they are and what they believe in. 


In 2015, our Founder Jon Kage (@universityofjk) had a vision of creating a global community of passionate, like-minded musicians after watching 15 second clips of guitar players shredding on Instagram. After starting a #shredderoftheday series where he would feature and highlight a different guitarist each day, University of Rock started attracting musicians from all over the world and quickly became a staple in the online music world.

In less than a year, University of Rock became the #1 most popular University hashtag on Instagram, totaling over 55,000 #universityofrock hashtags surpassing actual Universities such as University of Miami, Houston, Utah and others.

In late 2015, Jon created four sub accounts: @bassuniversity @drumuniversity @keysuniversity and @vocaluniversity to further showcase and extend the uRock community.


Inspired by streetwear culture and the countless number of memes on Instagram, University of Rock debuted it's own apparel and e-commerce line in 2017.  The store features a selection of premium music related gifts, apparel, art pieces, jewelry, and more.

Our support team is committed to providing you with a rockstar customer service experience that builds on trust, integrity, and prompt communication.

University of Rock is much more than an online store - we're an active community of 500k + and counting. Follow us on IG @universityofrock for a glimpse into the uRock Movement. 

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Jon Kage is a Guitarist/Entrepreneur that has taken his love for Rock N' Roll and turned it into a full-time career. Jon started his first business when he was 18 and has since gone on to succeed in various ventures, ranging from: a music education company that has employed over 200 musicians, getting his songs featured on hit MTV shows, growing a community of musicians on Instagram from zero to over 500,000 + followers in under 2 years, and more. He is currently writing his debut EP that fuses his love for 80's guitar solo's and catchy beats.

Jon is endorsed by PRS Guitars, Taylor Guitars, and TC Electronic.

You can follow Jon on Instagram @universityofjk to get a behind the scenes look into University of Rock and his musical journey.