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We offer customized promotional packages for brands and individuals wanting to tap into our global audience of passionate musicians/music-lovers. Whether you want a simple shoutout or a fully integrated brand video, our options are designed to fit your budget and overall marketing goals and needs.

Our platforms that are available for advertisement include:

  • University of Rock (Parent account focused on mainly guitar)
  • University of JK (Personal account of Jon Kage ((Founder of University of Rock)). Guitar and lifestyle focused)
  • Bass University (Community of passionate bassists)
  • Drum University (Community of passionate drummers)
  • Keys University (Community of passionate keyboardists)
  • Vocal University (Community of passionate vocalists)

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including PRS Guitars, Taylor Guitars, TC Electronic, and more.

Our team of professional photographers and videographers in Los Angeles have worked with major Social Media Influencers as well as Fortune 500 brands such as BMW, Red Bull, and more.

Some of our different promo options include: 

  • 3 hour shoutout
  • 24 hour shoutout
  • Permanent shoutout
  • Fully integrated brand post 

We also offer longer form campaigns where we can work out a certain amount of posts per month at a discounted rate as well as special add-ons such as Instagram Story posts, Snapchats, Facebook/Twitter integrations etc.

Please email us at with what you're looking at promoting as well as any specific marketing goals/objectives you may have.