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University of Rock (uRock) is home to a team of Rockstar individuals who live and breathe music 24/7. Founded in 2015 in Founder Jon Kage's studio apartment in Hollywood, CA, uRock has grown solely via social media with no capital or outside investment.

We are a hip, outside of the box thinking company with young talent that is dedicated to impacting the world through Rockstar experiences in music and in life.


We are looking for interns who are street- and book-smart, well-versed with rock n' roll culture. If you think you’re the perfect fit, contact us saying why you want to be a part of our team and why you’re the perfect intern for us (Hint: we are looking for writers/bloggers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and social media interns). As an intern, you are expected to:

  • Contribute at least 10 working hours per week
  • Assist us with various business tasks from social media to video and graphic design etc.
  • Promote our company along with other marketing duties
  • Rep University of Rock gear! Don't worry, we'll hook it up

In return, we will provide you with a real-life understanding of how an Instagram based e-commerce/media company works, and you get to work with and meet some of the most passionate and creative people locally as well as internationally.

If this sounds like the dream internship for you, we want to hear from you!