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1. FREE GUITAR FEATURES- We showcase and feature guitarists from all over the world. Our free features are chosen randomly from 100,000 + videos once to twice a day.

2. PAID GUITAR FEATURES- Since the actual chances of being featured on our profile is very slim (you are competing with 100,000 + videos everyday), we offer paid features for individuals who are serious about getting exposure to their profile. Our paid features are limited and carefully curated in order to assure it meets our brand image and qualifications. For more information on our paid features, click here.

3. T-SHIRT AND PRODUCT RELATED FEATURES- We love featuring our Rockstar customers! Simply upload a photo/video of you wearing/repping our shirts or gear and add the appropriate hashtag for a chance to be featured. The specific hashtag for each product can be found in the product description of each product. Make sure you add the specific hashtag + #universityofrock in the picture/video!

EX: If you purchase our 80's grunge tee, you would hashtag #urock80sgrunge + #universityofrock in your picture/video.

*Note: If you are uploading a picture, please make sure you tag us in the actual photo in addition to the hashtags. This will guarantee that we see the picture in the tagged pictures section on our profile.


1. SHREDDER OF THE DAY™- This is our main and most popular feature where we feature a guitarist every day. To qualify for this feature, simply follow us and tag your guitar videos with #universityofrock + @universityofrock (make sure you include both tags in the main caption). You can tag AS MANY videos as you want. The more the better!

2. DAY SPECIFIC FEATURES- These are features that we run on specific days throughout the week. To qualify for these features, simply follow us and tag #universityofrock + the appropriate tag for whatever feature we run that day (make sure to include both tags in the main caption). See the list of our day specific features below:

  • METAL MONDAY- Tag your metal videos with #urockmetal + #universityofrock
  • WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY- Ladies, tag your guitar covers with #urockwcw + #universityofrock
  • AMBASSADOR FRIDAY (COMING SOON)- Every Friday, we feature a selected Ambassador. You must be a UROCK Ambassador to qualify for this exclusive feature. Apply to be an Ambassador here.

3. WEEK-LONG FEATURES- These are features we run every day throughout the week (Monday - Sunday) on a random tag of our choosing. For example, it could be #urockgnr week for Guns N' Roses covers, #urockblues week for blues videos, etc. To qualify for this feature, simply follow us and tag #universityofrock + the appropriate tag for whatever feature we run that week (make sure to include both tags in the main caption). Keep up to date with us on our page as we announce a new weekly theme every Sunday night.

*Tag us in the main caption of your video for a higher chance at a feature.

**You can tag AS MANY videos as you want, the more the better!

***Shredding does NOT mean you have to play at a million miles an hour. It just means delivering a killer performance on your instrument, whether that be playing super fast, normal, or even slow with feeling.

****You must be following us and use the appropriate tags to qualify for our features.


  • Tag us in the main caption section of your video- you can also tag us in the comments section, however the main caption section is preferred and will give you a higher chance of being featured
  • Tag #universityofrock + @universityofrock in as many videos as you can (make sure you use both tags or else you will not have a chance at a feature)
  • It helps to tag your most recent videos as it shows up at the top of our feed and makes it easier for us to find
  • Have high quality video and audio- the better it looks and sounds, the better chance you have
  • Make sure your video is a minimum of 15 seconds in length
  • Be creative and original
  • Tag cover songs that are popular and that a lot of people know
  • Keep tagging us in all your videos- the more videos you tag, the more we will see your stuff
  • Be involved in our community, like and comment on our posts and show your support for all our shredders


  • Sit back and watch the likes/comments and new followers roll in!
  • Be courteous and respond to comment/questions on your video.
  • Lastly, please return the favor by giving us a shoutout back on your page. Make sure to tag us in your shoutout #universityofrock + @universityofrock


For non-guitar features, please follow the following accounts on Instagram:


Q: Do you guys feature only guitar players?

A: Yes, for the most part. Sometimes we will have special instrument themed weeks outside of guitar. For everyday instrument features, please check out our sub accounts @bassuniversity @drumuniversity @keysuniversity @vocaluniversity.

Q: Do I need to be able to play fast to get featured?

A: Absolutely not. Shredding is not about playing a million notes a minute but rather playing with feel and confidence, even if that means playing slow.

Q: Can I be featured again if I've already been featured?

A: Yes.

Q: Who is @universityofjk?

A: universityofjk is Jon Kage's account, Jon is the Founder/CEO of University of Rock and is the one who manages the University of Rock Instagram page. Follow Jon @universityofjk for guitar related videos and a behind the scenes look into University of Rock.

Q: Is there a limit to how many videos I can tag?

A: No, the more videos you tag, the better!

Q: Can I tag videos that I've already uploaded?

A: Of course, we encourage you to tag as many videos as possible.

Q: Can I get featured if I tag a picture?

A: Yes, only for our product related features.

Q: Can I tag #universityofrock + @universityofrock in the comments section of my video?

A: Yes, although we strongly encourage you tag us in your main caption as you will have a higher chance of getting featured.

Q: Do you guys offer paid features?

A: Yes, please visit our paid feature section here.