University of Rock (U-ROCK) is an art project that houses a Musician-Rooted Streetwear brand and media platform dedicated to Music Culture. Founded in Los Angeles by Guitarist Jon Kage in 2015, UR represents empowerment through music and fashion.

*We're not an actual accredited University... but we do offer scholarships in Air Guitar.


Feb 2015 - Stairway To Heaven makes a resurgence on Instagram and through the Smoke On The Water - a @universityofrock is born.

April 2015 - Inspired by 15 second video clips of guitar players shredding on Instagram, UR starts a "#ShredderOfTheDay" feature series - lighting a digital fire to the #universityofrock hashtag.

Dec 2015 - UR gives birth to four sub-accounts (@bassuniversity, @drumuniversity, @keysuniversity, and @vocaluniversity).

April 2020 - After a series of impromptu IG live streams, the "UR After Hours" podcast is born.

Oct 2020 - UR Streetwear releases its first mini collection.

Present Day - UR and it's sub accounts have featured over 10,000 musicians and garnered a music community of 950k + with over 1 million + hashtags on IG.

Some of our supporters include: Brian May (Queen), Slash (Guns N' Roses), Machine Gun Kelly, Tre Cool (Green Day), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), and more.


Inspired by rock legends past and present - UR debuted its first collection in the Fall of 2020.

"Growing up on punk rock and streetwear culture in the 2000's, music and clothing were always synonymous to me. Just like how a song could influence you to feel a certain way... t-shirts and clothing helped express and shape how I saw myself and the world.

My mission with UR is to create quality products that reflect our core message of conquering your own self-doubt and becoming the best version of yourself on a daily basis." - Jon Kage (Founder)

Amplify URself™ ⚡️

All UR pieces are designed and produced in Los Angeles, CA/Denver, CO.


University of Rock has featured over 10,000 musicians since 2015 and continues to provide free features every day for the community. Unity Through Music is the core foundation of the UR brand.

UR represents and embodies passion, relentless, and a lifelong yearning for mastering one's craft and human spirit.

Our supporters are dedicated to a lifetime of overcoming adversity, perfecting their craft, and making a bold statement for who they are and what they believe in.

Amplify URself™ ⚡️